LIC Merchant Login

LIC Merchant is the one-stop Destination for Partners and Life Insurance Agents of Life Insurance Corporation of India. Just Visit LIC Merchant Official Website, Login, and Access all Information about you Business with LIC INDIA. Being a LIC Merchant givers you a Successful Career path, Independence and Stronger Financial Stability than Any Other Insurance Agency.

LIC Merchant Login Process

LIC login Registration Process for customers, agent, and merchant portal It is easy to find Life insurance corporation of India Login information for the various type of users like merchants, agents, development officers, and customers as well as new and regular users.
Step by step procedure…

1. Register Login at LIC India Portal.

2. Select Merchant Login, Agent Login, or Customer Login.

3. Pay the Premium at LIC Payment portal.

4. Calculate premium based on the plan and your Monthly or Annual Income.

5. Check policy status either matured or not.

LIC Login Registration Process. ( Part 1 )

1. Open the LIC official website link at Lic

2. Click on “new customer” in below picture.

3. For new customer, you need to provide details includes Policy number, Premium amount, DOB as well as email ID.

Lic Merchant Login Registration Process Part 2

1. After completion, click on proceed option, that goes to a fresh page.

2. In the new page, make a user ID as well as the password of your choice.

3. Username can be alpha, numeric, and underscore. The password is at least of 7 to 8 characters long as well as unique

4. Log in as a registered user. To login enter username as well as password details.

5. After entering the login details click on GO button for the new page and tap on “view enrolled policies”.

6. Tap on the text shown in the picture and click on the submit button.

7. You will directly go to a page containing your policy number.

8. You will obtain all the details about LIC policy status, premium due date as well as the loan interest rate. How to Login to Lic India? There are two types of logins for users and Agents

LIC Agent Login Portal

1. Choose user Account if you are a Policyholder, if you are an Agent then click on LIC agent login portal.

2. Enter your user id (Policy number) and password.

3. You can check LIC policy status, Register / Enroll New Policy, Pay premium Amount online by Net Banking.
Note: Already registered customers on lic portal could visit this URL Following details are required.

1. Policy Number,
2. Premium Amount,
3. Date of Birth,
4. Email Address and Phone Number.

After entering above details, a simple human verification code will come. If you want to see Policy status: Log in to check policy status as matured, lapsed, or pending for renewal.

What is LIC Merchant Portal ?

LIC Merchant is a widely used and very popular Website for Help Regarding LIC Merchants and Agents.

Here You can find A to Z information about LIC Customers, Business of LIC and about People Who Runs It; LIC Merchant. Official Website of LIC INDIA offers the Premium Payment and other Insurance related facilities.

Here at LIC Merchant, We offer Every Single Piece of Information about Business of LIC Merchant, Revised Plans, Premium Calculators, Member Logins and Also Logins for LIC Merchants.

The Website is Aggregates the important information for both, LIC Customers as well as LIC Merchants.

How to Change LIC Merchant Password ?

Step 1: Visit or Click Here.

Step 2: Click on Change Password, You can find it just below those Boxes.

Step 3: Now Website will open in a new tab and you can see Input Box on Screen as Given Below.

Step 4: Enter your UserID in First Box, Current password in the second one and the new password in the third and fourth box. Create a Strong Password as You can.

Step 5: Click on Reset and “Boom”; you’ve Successfully Changed your password.

How to Change LIC Merchant Password ?

Step 1: Go to or Click Here.

Step 2: You’ll find the Text Box over the Page. Below those Boxes, Click on update email ID to get Password.

Step 3: Now Website will open in a new tab and you can see 2 Box on Screen as Given Below.

Step 4: Enter your UserID, Your Email ID and Password in Respective Boxes. (Merchants not receiving Login OTP for premium collection may update Email Id as per the records available in agency master. Email Id entered should be same as per the records available in agency master.)

Step 5: Click at “Update”; You are Done with Updating your Email Id at LIC Merchant and Customer Portal.
I hope this article is informative enough and you liked it – LIC Merchant portal login – LIC Online login. Comment below if you need any Kind of help.